King of contact transfer services

Completely FREE and WITHOUT use of external applications or sign-ups.

Export & import

Transfer your contacts effortlessly with all their details included.

Secure transfer

Transfer your contacts using a military grade encryption algorithm.

Cross platform

Transfer your contacts across different phone and tablet brands.

No external applications

Transfer your contacts directly from device to device.

Easy 2-step process

No need for a computer or third party software. Just download the app.

Export your contacts
Export your contacts from your current device and receive a transfer code
Import your contacts
Import your contacts on a other device using the transfer code received
Import and Export
Contact details

Contact details

In addition to name and phonenumber information, contacts can be transferred with the following extra details included:

Email addresses
Address details
Instant messaging
Company info
Contact notes
Contact images

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King Contact is available for iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Amazon Fire OS devices.